Laurent Ganry MD

Added: March 21, 2022
Address: 1 rue des Vignerons, 94300 Vincennes, France Phone number +33627880651
Medical school you graduated from: Sorbonne University Medical School, Paris, France (Faculté de Médecine Pierre et Marie Curie)
Year you graduated from medical school: 2019 Trained General and OMFS surgeon with a Fellowship from University of Florida, Maxillofacial Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery (MORS) program
PGY level being applied for: PGY1 would consider PGY2 given I have a US Fellowship
E-mail address:
Phone number(s) where you can be reached: (336) 278-8065
Citizenship: French
Visa status if you are not a U.S. citizen: J-1 of H1B I have passed all exams Step 1 237 Step 2 Ck 241 Step 3 230 Oet rank B