Looking for a Residency?

Being vigilant and even suspicious to protect our personal, credit and other information is part of living in this digital age.  Occasionally, we receive information from residents indicating that they have received spam arising from information provided on this portion of the APDS site, and unfortunately, in order for the 'seeking position' aspect of this to work, there is little we can do in securing the site to avoid viewers from recording the email address that residents provide. So we must offer this DISCLAIMER to persons using this portion of the APDS site.  APDS cannot accept any responsibility for potential misuse, misrepresentation, or illegal sctions or unauthorized copying of information which you or others may provide via this portion of the website.

 You need to be cautious and guard against improper usage, including the risk that you may receive unwanted, or even communications with fictitous statements.  For example, last year, residents reported having received a text message on their cell phone stating that it was from "associationofprogramdirectors@gmail.com saying that their application has been considered on behalf of the Association of Program Directors in Surgery. The second message requested that personal informstion, e.g., a copy of driver’s license or utility bill, be sent by reply to verify the resident’s identity.

The truth is that APDS does not have a gmail address, nor has APDS ever generated any such text or email messages, and to notify all recipients to be alert should you receive any message in the name of APDS seeking any such personal information.

We urge you to be skeptical of communications you receive under the appearance of seeking information on potential residents who might be available to fill a position. 

*Security note: APDS.org does not send any text/email to persons "seeking residency" requesting money, identification, or any other personal information. If you are contacted, please notify APDS immediately via apds@mindspring.com.

Thank you for your vigilance, and your careful attention to this issue.
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