New Program Directors Workshop

The New Program Directors Workshop has become a staple of the APDS Spring Meeting for the past 15+ years. Over the time, it was organized through the work of two former APDS Presidents, initially, Dr. John Potts, and then Dr. Paula Termuhlen joined the effort. After both of them assumed positions within the ACGME framework, the baton passed to the current APDS President, Dr. Ben Jarman, and Dr. Alfred Chahine. Each year, roughly 100-125 program directors dedicated 1-1/2 days to this program—some are new program directors learning the ropes, and they are joined by experienced program directors who periodically attend to brush up and refresh on the latest.

If you are interested in signing up for the 2021 APDS New Program Directors Workshop, reserve Monday, April 26 and Tuesday, April 27 on your calendar for the session in Boston, MA, immediately preceding the 2021 APDS Meeting and Surgical Education Week.

You can access one of the important didactic lectures from the 2020 APDS New Program Directors Workshop, using our new APDS Education On-Demand resource.

The New program Directors Workshop registrants receive a comprehensive toolkit as part of their registration. It includes ## different documents, journal articles and the like. Access just one of the resource items made available to registrants (PDF).

Download A Sample Resource Item