APDS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has worked over the past year to develop the 1st APDS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit. This group was the original vision of Past President Schenarts – he called for a Task Force addressing diversity and inclusion a couple of years ago. The Task Force was activated as a formal standing committee by Past President Nelson and our bylaws were amended last fall to account for this vibrant team moving forward.

This Committee operates within the APDS Membership Division, and its Division Head, Dr. Valentine Nfonsam, who is also APDS Secretary. Dr. Kari Rosenkranz is the current Chair of the committee and while many contributed to this great work – Dr. Lilah Morris-Wiseman has led this unbelievable charge. The Committee is designing some educational webinars which will be scheduled for the next few months as we all continue to address a variety of disparities. Thanks to all for this work.

Download the Toolkit