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American Board of Surgery Examinations: Can We Identify Surgery Residency Applicants Who Will Pass the Examinations on the First Attempt? Shellito et al.

Does the Rate of Achieving Competency on simulated Laparoscopy Training Programs Predict Actual Skill in Performing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy? Widmann et al.

Advanced Laparoscopic Fellowship and General Surgery Residency can Co-exist without Detracting from Surgical Resident Operative Experience. Kothari et al.

Management of Common Post-Operative Emergencies: Are July Interns Ready for Prime Time? Logan-Collins et al.

Simple Standardized Patient Hand-Off System that Increases Accuracy and Completeness. Wayne et al.

What Business Are We In? Tarpley

Web-Based Portfolios: A Powerful New Tool for Surgical Education. Lewis et al.

Outpatient Surgery Centers Draw Cases Away from Hospitals, Impact Resident Training Volume. Dunning et al.

Who Are Surgery Program Directors and What Do They Need?. Arora et al.

Weekly Assigned Reading and Exams Improve ABS Exam Pass Rates. de Vergilio et al.

Comparison of Surgical Residency Applicants from U.S. Medical Schools with U.S.-Born and Foreign-Born International Medical School Graduates. Schenarts et al.

Surgical Residents’ Clinical Activity During Research: Shedding Light on Moonlighting Practices. Jamshidi & Reilly.

The State of General Surgery: A Different Perspective. Foley et al.

Evolution in Fellowship Selection during General Surgery Residencies. Vick & Borman.

Reactions of Surgical Program Directors to a Web-Based Interactive Educational Program Focusing on Cognitive Skills. Risucci et al.

Protected Educational Rotations: A Valuable Paradigm Shift in Surgical Internship. Tillou et al.

Improving Outcomes on the ABS Certifying Examination. Guzman and Maker.

Application Submission Date Reflects Applicant Quality. Dada et al.