UCSF HEAL Global Surgery Fellowship

University of California San Francisco (UCSF)
Date Posted: June 27, 2018

The UCSF Health, Equity, Action, & Leadership (HEAL) Initiative is a unique fellowship opportunity for healthcare providers who are passionate about global health equity and global health delivery both in the US and around the world. Surgery Fellows will join a multidisciplinary cohort of more than 60 fellows to work in the poorest communities around the world. The HEAL Initiative is the largest fellowship program at UCSF and one of the largest global health fellowships in the world. HEAL recruits US-trained physicians from a variety of specialties (IM, FM, Med-Peds, Peds, OBGYN, Psychiatry, Surgery, Anesthesiology) who are passionate about global health equity. During the two-year fellowship, HEAL fellows are immersed at partner organizations aiding the underserved, splitting their time between a US and an international site. Half of the HEAL fellows are US physicians and the other half are HEAL fellows from our partner sites. This allows for an incredibly diverse and interprofessional training community. Fellows participate in intensive in-person training, mentorship, online graduate degree (e.g. MPH), ongoing curriculum, and join a community of like-minded and passionate health professionals. Applicants must have completed surgery residency by the start of their fellowship. More information can be found at: www.healinitiative.org

How To Apply

Please visit our online application: https://healinitiative.org/join-us/apply-to-be-a-fellow/

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