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NYC Surgical Associates
Date Posted: October 28, 2020

NYC Surgical Associates, a 6 campus, multispecialty surgical practice in the New York City metro area is pleased to announce we are accepting applications for 2 new interventional and endovascular fellows starting Jan 1, 2021 Our case load includes but is not limited to approximately 200 cases monthly of: 1. Lower extremity iliofemoral deep venous stenting 2. Renal vein stenting 3. Embolization for PCS 4. Embolization therapy for fibroids, BPH, malignant lesions, AVM, hemangioma, etc. 5. Recanalization of DVT, PE and portal vein thrombosis 6. Mechanical thrombectomy 7. Upper extremity and brachiocephalic interventions 8. Saphenous ablation and microphlebectomy 9. Radio and chemoembolization for metastatic and primary liver and biliopancreatic lesions 10. Standalone angioplasty for a variety of issues such as fibromuscular dysplasia Interpretation of pertinent imaging modalities such as fluoroscopy, duplex ultrasound as well as solid organ ultrasound, and limited echocardiography are also taught. The practice is very active in academics and research, with a dedicated research department leading to 3-5 papers per year. Participation in research is mandatory and part of your curriculum. A didactic curriculum derived from the most current texts are reviewed and discussed throughout the academic year. Fellows will rotate between 5 clinical sites, each with their own on site fully accredited operating suites. Fellows will assist in cases with increasing autonomy according to knowledge and skill set, gradually leading to the role of primary surgeon They will be well taught and responsible for all pre, intra and post-operative care of patients, and the nuances of appropriate patient selection.

How To Apply

To be eligible, you MUST have at LEAST 3 years of PROGRESSIVE US ACGME CLINICAL RESIDENCY training, and be eligible for both NJ and NY state licenses, please check with the boards before applying. Foreign training of any sort, regardless of the institution does not count. To apply. Please send CV, and 3 letters of recommendation to

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