Surgical Critical Care Fellowship

Northwestern McGaw
Date Posted: October 29, 2018

These positions are open for graduates of ACGME accredited general surgical residency programs This is an educationally innovative 1 year fellowship in surgical critical care. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate the unique needs of each of our fellows through adopting the "Individualized Learning Plans" framework for the fellowship including operative experiences, while complying with the ACGME program requirements. This innovative approach help fellows achieve specific skills they would need in the future practice of their choosing. The diversity of patients and pathology handled in this remarkable tertiary center, coupled with the innovative technologies and interventions of the critical care services in the institution, both these factors ensure that our graduates get the best training in surgical critical care that equip them to be leaders in the field.

How To Apply

Apply directly through SAFAS or the Program Director: - (312) 695-4835 (phone) , (312) 695-3644 (fax)

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