Residency Coordinator General Surgery Residency Program

The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Date Posted: April 4, 2022

The Brooklyn Hospital Center has a vacancy for a Residency Coordinator for its fully accredited 24-resident Residency Training Program in General Surgery. The Brooklyn Hospital Center is a community-based residency program located in Brooklyn, New York. The residency coordinator works in conjunction with the program director and associate program director to plan and execute all of the activities of the residency program. The responsibilities of the residency coordinator include: 1.Making the annual and monthly resident schedules in compliance with the ACGME duty hours 2.Facilitating the completion of resident/faculty evaluations thru Med Hub 3. Coordinating the annual residency recruitment and interview process thru NRMP 4. Maintaining all of the required documentation to ensure to ensure continued accreditation 5. Credentialing of all residents for the outside rotations 6.Planning the wellness events and the graduation party Qualifications: Bachelors degree; knowledge of various softwares including Microsoft Office, Word and Excel. Excellent ability in oral and written communication skills, as well as organizational skills. Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and work independently. GME experience preferred but not required

How To Apply

Apply to : Residency Training Program in General Surgery, The Brooklyn Hospital Center. 121Dekalb Ave Brooklyn, NY 11201 Romulo Genato, MD, FACS Program Director or Luca Milone, MD, FACS Associate Program Director

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