Research Fellow in Thoracic Surgery

Massachusetts General Hospital
Date Posted: March 5, 2020

The Research Fellow is a full-time position intended to provide training to post-doctoral trainees for transition into an academic or research career. The Research Fellow will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of research projects, ranging from basic science and translational research to outcomes study and quality improvement interventions. The role will require interaction with both animal and research subjects and execution of various method of research. The responsibilities of the Research Fellow include, but are not limited to, generating research ideas, developing, designing, executing, and interpreting research experiments. This position will also allow opportunity for contribution to the scientific literature and dissemination of research findings at all levels as wells as development of new methods and technologies for research and clinical advancement. The Research Fellow will have the opportunity to be in the Thoracic Surgery clinic to enroll patients for ongoing research studies and to moonlight within the division of Thoracic Surgery. The major goal of the research experience is focused and intensive training in the principles and methods of surgical research as well as cancer biology for surgical trainees who wish to pursue a career as an academic surgeon. A well-rounded experience is achieved through four key areas of focus: 1) The Core Laboratory Research Experience, which consists of two to three years of full-time mentored research as well as with regular exposure to the laboratory of other scientific collaborators; 2) Mandatory didactic curriculum, interactive teaching sessions, and conferences designed to familiarize mentees with the basic concepts, methodologies, and overall themes of surgical and cancer research; 3) Exposure to research on the national stage with presentations and attendance at formal research courses and meetings provided by professional organizations; and 4) Career Counseling with face-to-face meetings to review training and project progress and ensure that overall career goals are being formulated, adapted if needed, and that the research direction is congruent with the ultimate career direction that the Clinical Research Fellow is seeking to pursue. The Research Fellow will establish a plan which outlines their overall goals and the specific skills and knowledge- base to be developed as part of their training period. These skills include technical skills as well as knowledge in manuscript and grant preparation, effective slide presentations, maintaining and updating prospective clinical databases for ongoing clinical trials, and management of research protocols and correspondence. The expectations for daily activities and training supervision includes face-to-face meetings two to three times per week to discuss research directions, review data, identify and solve obstacles to progress, and outline presentation of research results in lectures, manuscripts, and grants.

How To Apply

Interested applicants: please send an email along with a current CV to both Michelle Medeiros at and Yolonda Colson MD, PhD at YCOLSON@MGH.HARVARD.EDU.

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