Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Pancreatic Cancer Precision Medicine Center


Johns Hopkins University
Date Posted: March 4, 2021

We are seeking recent M.D./ Ph.D./ or M.D. Ph.D. graduates to join a postdoctoral fellowship program developing approaches to clinically relevant molecular characterization of patient-derived three dimensional models of pancreatic cancer. The fellowship program is jointly advised by faculty from the Department of Surgery and Oncology as part of the Pancreatic Cancer Multidisciplinary Laboratory and the Pancreatic Cancer Precision Medicine Center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. This unique opportunity will allow postdoctoral fellows to gain academic research experience with direct translational relevance and implementation of patient-centered clinical research projects. Successful candidates will have an interest in improving techniques in rapid tumor modeling and clinically-relevant characterization from patient-derived tissues. Our laboratory leverages high patient case volumes and an extensive clinical trials network to establish and maintain a large living biobank of patient-derived organoid cultures. These models are used to understand the key drivers that govern system behavior and to explore potential therapeutic approaches. We are currently using high-throughput technologies to characterize clinically-actionable genotype and pharmacotype in efforts to guide precision medicine initiatives. Additional opportunities for academic scholarship include techniques to study molecular biology of epithelial-cancer associated fibroblast interactions, microRNA gene regulation, and immunotherapeutic applications in pancreatic cancer. The laboratory maintains active collaborations with both intramural and extramural researchers as the lead site in translational research stemming from SU2C/Lustgarten foundation funded clinical trial NCT#03563248.

How To Apply

• Cover letter including a) description of suitability of this position and b) career goals including and following the postdoctoral position. • CV including publications, presentations, and other relevant experience. • List of references, with contact info and description of their relationship to the applicant. Interested candidates should email Dr. Richard Burkhart at

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