Post-Doctoral Medical Research Training Fellowship in Cancer Therapeutics


Westchester Medical Center
Date Posted: September 23, 2020

The fellow will be a full time clinical and basic science researcher in the development of a nanoparticle-based therapy for bladder cancer, using molecular biological and in vivo techniques to establish the basis for clinical trials. The fellow will be trained in all aspects of the required research from bench top techniques and pharmacology to animal care, tissue culture, immunohistochemistry, data acquisition, statistics and epidemiology, and grant preparation. As part of the Empire Clinical Research Investigator Program (ECRIP), specific requirements of the successful application must be 1) be enrolled in or have completed a graduate medical education (GME) program 2) be a citizen, national or permanent resident of the United States or Canada; and 3) satisfy one or more of the following requirements: be a graduate of a medical, dental or podiatric school located in New York State; be a graduate of or a resident in a GME program which is sponsored by an institution that is located in New York State; or reside in New York State by March 28, 2019. Salary is based on level of post graduate year training and experience

How To Apply

1) Forward a letter of of inquiry and brief statement regarding past research experience, career goals, and special interests 2) Provide resume 3) Ensure the ECRIP requirements are met prior to application (see

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