PGY-2 Preliminary Residency Open Position


Howard University Hospital Department of General Surgery
Date Posted: October 6, 2021

Howard University Hospital Department of General Surgery located in Washington, DC has an opening beginning October 7, 2021 for a PGY-2 Preliminary Residency Position. Only Highly Qualified Applicants will make it to the interview phase as hiring will be executed quickly. Qualified applicants must have: a) Graduated from an accredited medical school in good standing (letter proof to be attached to application) b) Must have completed at least one year of residency in an ACGME accredited program c) Must account for all employment / non-employment time since graduation on CV d) Application must contain all required information in one single .pdf document e) Foreign Medical Graduates must have valid ECFMG certificate Interested and qualified candidates must submit required documentation by Friday, October 16, 2021 to be considered for this vacancy. ** Only Highly Qualified applicants will be contacted via email (ONLY) ** *** (Phone Calls, Faxes and Visits to office will Disqualify Applicants) *** Qualified applicants will be contacted via email (ONLY). Terms: Letter of Good Standing (LoGS), Letter of Recommendation (LoR), Graduation Letter (GrdLtr) **One single PDF file must contain listed documentation in numerical order: no multi-attachments. Emails containing multi attachments will be rejected. ** If any applicant willingly withholds information during interview/hire process, offer for employment can/will be rescinded and/or position will be terminated upon receipt.

How To Apply

A single PDF file must contain below listed documentation in numerical order: **no multi-attachments Subject Line: HUH 2021 PGY-2 Preliminary Position: Applicant Name Photo, MyERAS Application, Applicant Summary, MSPE, LoR’s, Personal Statement, Medical School Transcript, CV, Good Standing graduation letter from Medical School (all documents in ERAS) USMLE Transcript (230 ≥ on first attempt all Steps) *No Exceptions* ABSITE scores (all training years - 30% ≥) Three current Letters of Recommendation: (one must be from current Program Director) LoGS must include current training program information: start date, anticipated end date, current status within program, & statement of good standing Medical School transcript, Diploma, and Dean's letter (LCME approved Medical School) Graduation Letter from Medical School in Good Standing ACGME Case Logs and Defined Category Report Annual Competency-based Summative Evaluations(s) from Program Director (all training years) Detailed list of previously completed rotations (all training years) ECFMG certificate (if applicable) NOTE: HUH No Longer Sponsors H1-B Visas Current ACLS, BLS, ATLS and PALS certifications Verification of current FLU vaccination Verification of current COVID-19 vaccination (both vaccinations and/or booster if necessary) Proof of NPI Number Must be able to obtain license & credentials in Washington, DC Metro area

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