MIS and Bariatric Fellowship- Starting Aug 2021


Mercy Hospital, Baltimore
Date Posted: January 4, 2021

This is one year clinical fellowship in Bariatric and MIS. Fellowship offers complete training in care and management of Patients with obesity undergoing or have undergone Bariatric Surgery. Program was started in 2020 with current fellow finishing in July. The fellowship offers about 250-300 surgical cases (80-90% Bariatric) and about similar number of EGDs and colonoscopies. Academic work and a paper submission is required. Fellowship is not accredited with Fellowship Council as of now. It is in the process of accreditation. Program Director is Kuldeep Singh with about 20 years of bariatric surgery practice.

How To Apply

Interested residents may apply to ksingh2@mdmercy.com. We do not offer any Visa support such as H-1 or B-1. Applicants must be completing Surgical residency by June 2020. Applicants finishing foreign surgical residencies are not accepted. Applicant should be licensed in State of Maryland to practice by August 2021. Applicants with no previous fellowships are preferred.

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