Institution and Society Announcements

Approval policy: APDS will provide a limited opportunity, subject to availability of space and the factors below, for pre-approved announcements to appear, namely, those educational activities: which APDS in its sole discretion determines to be CME-activities most directly relevant to APDS members that are sponsored by a non-profit educational/scientific organization. Relevant factors to be considered by APDS will include, but not be limited to, uniqueness of topic to the mission and responsibilities of program directors, temporal proximity and/or similarity of content to content typically presented at Surgical Education Week, and the potential cost of the program to APDS members. The PDF form below should be submitted by anyone wishing to provide a meeting announcement for attention of APDS members. Meeting announcements will be removed from the listserv archive on the day of the event, or 45 days after posting, whichever occurs first. Only pre-approved meeting announcements may appear on the APDS Listserv—content placed directly on the APDS Listserv by a member that promotes a meeting will be removed without notice and repeated violations may result in limitations on access to the APDS Listserv.

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