Business Meeting 2020

Business Meeting Recordings

1Call to OrderDr. Harrington
2Report of the Residency Review CommitteeDr. Lipsett
3Report of the American Board of SurgeryDr. Mellinger
4Treasurer’s ReportDr. Terhune
5JSE Editor’s Report
Dr. Smink
6Report on SEW 2020 Fall 2020 Meeting/Prog. CommitteeDrs. Terhune and Anand
7Reports from Representatives/Committees 
 a. Finance CommitteeDr. Terhune
 b. Independent ProgramsDr. Cassaro
 c. ASE LiaisonDr. Korndorffer
 d. SAGES LiaisonDr. Josloff
 e. Resident RepresentativeDr. Williams
 f. Advisory Council for General Surgery ACSDr. VanderMeer
 g. ACS Board of GovernorsDr. Joshi
 h. MembershipDr. Nfonsam
8Report of PresidentDr. Harrington
 a. APDS Strategic Planning Retreat/Report & ActionDr. Hildreth
 b. Ideal Experiences for Senior Medical Students Consensus StatementDr. LaFemina
 c1. Research Foundation & EQIP UpdateDrs. Termuhlen, Harrington and Korndorffer
 c2. Request for Proposal (RFP) in support of New Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQIP) 
 d. APDS Task Force Interview offers voluntary code of conductDr. Whiting
 e. 2020 Education Pillar UpdateDr. Joshi
9Old BusinessDr. Harrington
10Report of the Nominating Committee Election of Officers 2020-2021Dr. Nelson
11New BusinessDrs. Harrington and Jarman
12AdjournmentDrs. Harrington and Jarman