APDS San Antonio 2010 Presentations

Tuesday, April 20

APDS Paper Session I: Surveys & Tests

How Accurate is the ACGME Resident Survey? An ACGME and In-House GME Survey Comparison
Bridget N. Fahy, MD, S. Rob Todd, MD, Judy Paukert, PhD, Melanie Johnson, BS, Barbara L. Bass, MD
The Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX

Is the ACGME Resident/Fellow Survey a Valid Tool to Assess General Surgery Residency Programs Compliance with Work Hours Regulations?
Robert P. Sticca, MD, Jay M. MacGregor, MD, Randolph B. Szlabick, MD, University of North Dakota SMHS, Grand Forks, ND

The ERAS Application Can Predict Competency Based Surgical Resident Performance
Amy Tolan, MD1, Amy Kaji, MD1, Chi Quach2, O. Joe Hines, MD2, Christian de Virgilio, MD1, 1Harbor-UCLA Medical Center,Torrance, CA, 2UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

A Survey of Selection Criteria in General Surgery Residents
George Makdisi, MD1, Tetsuya Takeuchi, MD2, James Rucinski, MD2, Leslie Wise, MD2, 1Sound Shore Medical Center, New Rochelle, NY, 2 New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

Performance on Brief Practice Exam Identifies Residents at Risk for Poor ABSITE and ABS Qualifying Exam Performance
Michael Corneille, MD, Ross Willis, PhD, Ronald Stewart, MD, Daniel Dent, MD, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX

Using USMLE® Exam Results to Predict Later In-Training Exam Performance.
Charles Holden, MD, Thomas Hartranft, MD, Jonathan Pulido, MD, Darrell Spurlock, Jr. PhD, Mount Carmel Health System, Columbus, OH

APDS Panel Session I: The Troubled Trainee

Thomas E. Brothers, MD, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Clyde Ellis, MD, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL
Brian J. Kaplan, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Mary E. Klingensmith, MD, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

APDS Paper Session II: Duty Hours

Trauma Surgery Performed by “Sleep Deprived” Residents: Are Outcomes Affected?
Arezou Yaghoubian, MD, Amy H. Kaji, MD, PhD, Brant Putnam, MD, Christian de Virgilio, MD, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA

Surgical ICU Acuity and Volume Compared to Resident Workforce Before and After Duty Hour Regulations
Kyla P. Terhune, MD, and Lesly A. Dossett, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Impact of the 80-hour Workweek on Surgical Case Exposure within a General Surgical Residency
Daniel R. Watson MD, Timothy D. Flesher, Oscar Ruiz, MD, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, OH

Operative Volume in the New Era: A Five-Year Comparison of Total Resident Operative Volume Pre vs. Post 80-Hour Work-Week Restriction Implementation
Pamela J. Bruce, MD, Stephen D. Helmer, PhD, Jacqueline S. Osland, MD, University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita, Wichita, Kansas

Do Reduced Resident Work Hours in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit Change Resident-Nurse Interactions? The Nurses’ Perspective.
Zara Cooper, MD, Ian Shempp, BS, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

General Surgery Residents’ Views on Work Hours Regulations
Jay M. MacGregor, MD, Robert P. Sticca, MD, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

APDS Panel Session II: Enhancing Faculty Performance

Mark L. Friedell, MD, Orlando Regional Healthcare System, Orlando, FL
Ronald Martin, MD, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, WI
Jon Morris, MD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Vijay Maker, MD, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Wednesday, April 21

APDS Paper Session III: Potpourri

Enhancing Educational Quality and Continuity of Care in a Surgical Residency Program Using Industrial Engineering Methods
Heron Rodriguez, MD, Jonathan Turner, MS, Paul Speicher, BS, Mark Daskin, PhD, Debra DaRosa, PhD,
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Personality Profiling of the Modern Surgical Trainee: Insights into Generation X
Jennifer A. Swanson, MD, Mara B. Antonoff, MD, Jonathan D’Cunha, MD, Michael A. Maddaus MD,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

A Psychological Profile of Surgeons and Surgical Residents
Kevin N. Foster, MD, Gregory P.M. Neidert, PhD, Ruth Rimmer-Brubaker, PhD, Daniel M. Caruso, MD,
Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

Guidelines for Maintaining a Professional Compass in the Era of Social Networking
Matthew Landman, MD, Julia Shelton, MD, Rondi Kauffmann, MD Jeffrey Dattilo, MD, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

APDS Presidential Address
Karen R. Borman, MD, APDS President, Abington Memorial Hospital, Abington, PA
Title: “Jack, Jill, Peggy and Roger”

APDS Panel Session III: Evaluating Surgical Skills & OR Performance

Gary Dunnington, MD, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL
Neal E. Seymour MD, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA
John J. Ferrara, MD, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

APDS Paper Session IV: Running a General Surgery Program

Disparity between Reality and the Perception of Case Volume Needed to Train Competent General Surgeons
Fariha Sheikh, MD1, Richard Gray, MD1, John Ferrara, MD2, Kevin Foster, MD3, Alyssa Chapital, MD1, 1Mayo Clinic
Foundation, Phoenix, AZ, 2Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ, 3 Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

Surgical Resident Education: What is the Department’s Price for Commitment?
Lisa L. Schlitzkus, MD, Michael P. Meara, MD, Mitzi Witherington, Carl Haisch, MD, Michael P. Rotondo,
MD, Paul J. Schenarts, MD, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

The Perceived Impact of Resident Travel on Transplant Surgery Experience During General Surgery Residency Training: A Survey of Program Directors in Surgery
James G. Bittner IV, MD1, Jonathan P. Fryer, MD2, Joseph B. Cofer, MD3, John D. Mellinger, MD1,James J. Wynn, MD1, George M. Fuhrman, MD4, Karen R. Borman, MD5, 1Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA; 2Northwestern University, Chicago, IL; 3University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN; 4Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta, GA; 5University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
April 19 – 24, San Antonio 9

The Surgical Residency Baby Boom: Changing Patterns of Childbearing During Residency Over a 20 Year Span
Joseph M. Galante, MD, Jonathan L. Pierce, MD and Lynette A. Scherer, MD, Univeristy of California,
Sacramento, CA

High Quality Residency Education and Patient Safety are Directly Related
David Harrington, MD1, Thomas Miner, MD1, Thomas Tracy, Jr., MD2, William Cioffi, MD1, 1Rhode Island Hospital,
Providence, RI, 2Hasbro Hospital, Providence, RI

Teamwork Training Improves the Clinical Care of Trauma Patients
Jeannette Capella, MD, Stephen ReMine, MD, Stephen Smith, MD, Allen Philp, MD, Tyler Putnam, MD, Carol Gilbert, MD, William Fry, MD, David Baker, PhD, Sonya Ranson, PhD, Ellen Harvey, MSN, Andi Wright, MSN, Krista Henderson, MSN, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Roanoke, VA

APDS Panel Session IV: If I Had to Do it All Over Again, I Would . . .

James G. Tyburski, MD, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI
Karen E. Deveney, MD, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR
John L. Tarpley, MD, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Frederick Greene, MD, Carolinas Health Care, Charlotte, NC

APDS Paper Session V: Education/Simulation

Morbidity and Mortality Conferences are Only Educationally Effective with Structured Presentation and Analysis of Complications
Michael Kim, MD, Fergal Fleming, MD, Jeffrey Peters, MD, Rabih Salloum,, MD, John Monson, MD, Manizheh Eghbal, MPH, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Implementation of Full Patient Simulation Training in Surgical Residency
Gladys L. Fernandez, MD, Patrick C. Lee, MD, David W. Page, MD, Richard B. Wait, MD PhD, Gerard A. Langlois, PAC, Elizabeth M. D’Amour, RN, Neal E. Seymour, MD, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA

Teaching First or Teaching Last: Does the Timing Matter in Simulation-Based Surgical Scenarios?
Benjamin Zendejas, MD, David A. Cook, MD, MHPE, David R. Farley, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Quantitative Evaluation of Retention of Surgical Skills Learned in Simulation.
John J. Ferrara, MD, Kanav Kahol, PhD, Aaron Ashby, MS, Marshall Smith, MD, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

Thursday, April 22

APDS Keynote Speaker
“If it takes over 10,000 hours to train a professional musician, how many hours to train a surgeon?”
Anders Ericsson, PhD, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL


ACGME/RRC Surgery– Thomas Whalen, MD, Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown, PA, and RRC for Surgery, Chicago, IL Peggy Simpson, EdD, Executive Director, RRC for Surgery, ACGME, Chicago, IL

ACS Ajit Sachdeva, MD, Director, Division of Education, American College of Surgeons, Chicago, IL

ACS – Resident and Associate Society – Joshua Broghammer, MD, University of Kansas, Kansas City, KS

ABS– Jo Buyske, MD, Associate Executive Director, American Board of Surgery, Philadelphia, PA

SCORE– Mary Klingensmith, MD, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

What’s New in Surgical Education
Introduction: Mary Klingensmith, MD, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Carla Pugh, MD, PhD, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL