Procedure for use of the APDS Listserv for Surveys

The APDS Research Committee has been charged by the APDS Board of Director’s facilitate research that is beneficial to the APDS, its members, and particularly its mission.  One way in which this is being accomplished is by evaluating surveys being distributed to program directors on the APDS Listserv and assisting with the quality and response rate of the surveys.  All approved surveys will be distributed by the Listserv Master three times with the email stating;

Approved by APDS research committee and all members of the APDS are encouraged to support  this survey.


1.       Only surveys with PROGRAM DIRECTORS OR FACULTY as subjects will be reviewed and considered.  We have identified using the listserv for surveys of residents leads to such a low response rate, attaining meaningful data with potential for publication is not possible.  (If residents are your subject the committee suggests contacting other program directors individually to develop a purposeful sample.)

2.       Complete the survey questionnaire. SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE Click Here

3.       Submit the survey questionnaire, the survey (in word or PDF format, no links) and your IRB to

Surveys will NOT be reviewed unless ALL 3 documents are submitted with the survey request.

4.       Documents will be forwarded to two members of the Survey Review Task Force.

5.       The Survey Review Task Force will review the documents using criteria of the survey evaluation tool available here. SURVEY EVALUATION TOOL Click Here

6.       Decision will be made within 6 weeks and you will be notified of the decision.

7.       Approved surveys will be posted by the Listserv Master 3 times over a three-week period.

8.       Rejected surveys will receive the reasons for rejection.  Please do not post these on the listserv, as this may create survey fatigue.