APDS President Announces New APDS Website

Team APDS!

It is an absolute honor to announce the release the APDS website  https://apds.org/!   We had a “soft” release last week which many are aware of – this enabled the IT team to make adjustments on the fly with initial feedback – the site looks amazing and you will be pleased with many revisions/additions!

Please peruse the site at your leisure but note a few exciting links stemming from the tool bar on the top of the front page:

  1. About: Current bylaws (exciting), operational structure, position statements and current committees
  2. Members: Pay dues, update contact info and task force committee updates
  3. PD Resources: Tons of content – explore!
  4. Education on demand: Brand new section! – this will be our venue for posting meeting content, webinars and other educational modalities.

Specifically note the following:

  1. Updated statement on the current application cycle: https://apds.org/about/apds-position-statements/
  2. Interview code of conduct: https://apds.org/program-directors/interview-code-of-conduct/
  3. Medical student experience: https://apds.org/program-directors/medical-student-experience/
  4. Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit: https://apds.org/program-directors/apds-diversity-and-inclusion-toolkit/

Special thanks to Toufic Rahman at RCS and Tom Fise (Executive Director) who have instrumented an amazing amount of information and change!   So many have contributed to the content – but Dr. Amit Joshi (Education Division) and Dr. Amy Hildreth (Operations Division) have led the charge within their respective teams and delegated appropriately….many on leadership have had remarkable input as well….  Welcome to the new APDS website…now we have a tremendous one!

***A reminder that if your dues are not up to date that you will not be able to access all content – a notice was sent out last week.  You can go through the site to pay them or use this link:  https://members.apds.org/account/login?returnURL=%2Fdues – you will need your login id and password and your dues statement will come up.   You can request your password if forgotten.

Thanks for all that you do for your institutions and your residents!  As we all adapt to our new sense of “nothing is routine” – my thoughts are with all of you.

Benjamin Jarman, MD
APDS President on behalf of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Division Leaders