Diversity Inclusion Awareness and Action in Surgery Webinar Series

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has worked over the past year to advance understanding of the value of diversity in our training programs and institutions. We must build inclusive programs in order to recruit and retain under-represented minorities. Ultimately, we strive to build surgical teams that look, pray, love, identify and define themselves in a manner similar to the patients we serve. Usa payday loans online. By supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, we will improve the care of our communities and enhance the respect, compassion, and understanding we demonstrate toward our patients and toward each other.

In July 2020, we released the 1st APDS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit. The D&I Committee’s next major step by organizing and presenting a series of three webinars scheduled for September 2020 (the evenings of September 9, 15 and 23) about Diversity Inclusion Awareness and Action in Surgery. These are designed to benefit our surgical residency candidates as well as program directors, residents and faculty involved in the recruitment process. You can access the APDS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit via the link below. If you missed one or more of the three D&I webinars, you can view all three on APDS Education on Demand here.

APDS Education on Demand

And most recently, several on the D&I Committee members published an article that appeared in RISE. Click here to access the article: https://www.facs.org/Education/Division-of-Education/Publications/RISE/articles/managing-implicit-bias

To download the APDS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

This Committee operates within the APDS Membership Division, and its Division Head, Dr. Valentine Nfonsam, who is also APDS Secretary. Dr. Kari Rosenkranz is the current Chair of the committee and while many contributed to this great work – Dr. Lilah Morris-Wiseman has led this unbelievable charge. Watch for more great work from the Committee in the next few months as we all continue to address a variety of disparities. Thanks to all for this work.