2019 Tools of the Trade Announcement to all members of the APDS

At the request of numerous APDS members, the Research committee reviewed the timeline of the Tools of the Trade competition.  The current timeline gives members approximately 6 months from topic announcement to submitted abstract.  We agree with those members that this timeline is too short.  While we have had many excellent submissions over the past 3 years, additional time for development, implementation and evaluation of the tools will enhance the quality, leading to useful products for residency programs.

Therefore, with approval of the APDS Board and APDS Foundation, we are changing the timeline for the competition.  The topic for the tool will still be announced at the annual meeting but the call for abstracts based on that tool will be set for November of the following year.  This gives 18 months for development and study.

This change will take effect this year. The tool competition announced at the 2018 meeting, A tool to measure a resident’s cost-consciousness,  will be subject to a call for abstracts November 2019, (moved from November 2018) with presentation at the 2020 APDS meeting just like all other abstracts submitted that November 2019. The title 2019 Tools of the Trade will not change; as going forward we will base the title on the year the abstract is due.  Please see the modified announcement below.


James R. Korndorffer Jr MD MHPE
Chair, APDS Research Committee


2019 Tools of the Trade Announcement to all members of the APDS

2019 Tools of the Trade Announcement to all members of the APDS

The APDS Board and the APDS Foundation are pleased to announce the fourth year of the APDS Tools of the Trade 2019 competition.

The intention of this annual Tools of the Trade competition is to challenge the APDS membership to create top notch curricula or assessments that all members of the APDS can use in the ever changing surgical training landscape in which we all live.  Each year one topic will be selected and announced to the membership through APDS list serve and at the annual meeting.  Abstracts on that topic will be accepted for consideration in the 2019 November APDS Call for Abstracts for presentation at the 2020 spring APDS meeting.  During the submission process the lead author will ask to signify that this abstract is submitted as a candidate for the Tools of the Trade competition.  Up to 5 of the top abstracts on the Tools of the Trade competition will be selected and presented during the spring APDS meeting.  Each abstract will have an assigned invited discussant and the authors are responsible for getting a completed abstract to the Journal of Surgical Education before the APDS annual meeting.  There will be one winner of the competition and it will be announced at the business meeting.  The award for the top abstract will be $5,000.

Topic:   A tool to measure a resident’s cost-consciousness

Deadline for submission:    November 2019 “Call for Abstracts” for spring 2020 APDS meeting

Selection Process:  The APDS program committee will be responsible for selecting up to 5 of the best abstracts identified by the authors as competing for the Tools of the Trade competition

Competition at Meeting:  An anonymous panel of judges will rate the abstracts, manuscripts, presentations and discussions. Final decision on winner approved by APDS Board.

Prize:  $5,000