Fellowship Start Date


On behalf of the Fellowship Start Date Task Force chaired by Dan Vargo, I am pleased to share with you some exciting news.

For some time, the APDS has supported the concept of having the fellowship start moved back to August 1.  Our colleagues in Orthopedic Surgery have embraced the August 1 Fellowship start date for over 15 years.   The advantages to this would be several:  Chief Residents would be able to complete their contractual obligation to their training programs without the competing interest of travel and orientation at their new training programs.   Graduates would also be afforded time to devote to their preparation for the ABS QE prior to the start of their Fellowship.  In fact, in support of this initiative, the ABS recently announced the 2016 QE will be given on July 19.

There has been recent activity to suggest that this initiative is gaining momentum.  The Fellowship Council, Surgical Critical Care, Thoracic, Transplant, Colorectal and Pediatric Surgery Fellowships have all given support to the change.  While inevitable, we anticipate this process to move steadily forward beginning in 2016.

There will be significant implications of this later fellowship start date to our general surgery graduates in terms of salary and health insurance coverage.  We are strongly recommending that you communicate these changes to your residents who are planning on taking fellowships for the 2016 cycle and beyond so that they may plan accordingly.


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