Muhammad Faateh

Added: November 4, 2016
Address: Baltimore, MD
Medical school you graduated from: Lahore Medical and Dental College, Pakistan
Year you graduated from medical school: May 2012 - ECFMG certified (Scores: 235, 246, No attempts), 3 LORs from US Academic Surgeons, Can provide references
PGY level being applied for: PGY-1 (prelim/cat) and Paid Research Positions in General Surgical sub-specialties - Can commit 1-3 years full-time (Presently doing Clinical Outcomes Research in Vascular Surgery and Plastic Surgery at a renowned academic hospital , Multiple publications underway - proficient in study design, database development/management, manuscript writing and statistical analysis)
E-mail address:
Phone number(s) where you can be reached: (929) 312-6696
Citizenship: Pakistan
Visa status if you are not a U.S. citizen: Eligible for H1/J1 visas