Curriculum Committee

Chair – Gerard Doherty, MD

University of Michigan


  • Karen Deveney, M.D., Oregon Health & Science University
  • Douglas Dorner, M.D., Iowa Health – Des Moines
  • David Reines, M.D., Inov. Fairfax
  • Karen Borman, M.D., MedStar Washington Hospital Center
  • Terrance Liu, M.D., UCSF – East Bay Surgery Program
  • John Potts, M.D., University of Texas-Houston Medical Center

Charge to the Curriculum Committee

  • Develop a comprehensive set of goals and objectives to cover the educational aspects of the primary components of surgery.
  • The curriculum must be exportable to both large and small residency programs.  It must be affordable.
  • Develop explicit tools and methods to comply with ACGME competencies.
  • The Chairman should make an attempt to incorporate members from university, hybrid, and community programs.
  • Develop metrics and measurements that support the collection, evaluation and reporting of data that measures and defines competence among graduate surgical programs.
  • Collect and report data on the resident experience.
  • Monitor and evaluate the number of citations given to graduate surgical programs and evaluate opportunities for improvement.
  • Monitor the accreditation cycles for member programs.

Minutes of the January 2008 committee meeting–click here